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Glittering and Painting Christmas Silhouette Deer Christmas Yard Art

Written by Mary Amick


Posted on March 03 2021

Nothing like painting Christmas yard art at the first of March--but that is how life goes around here.  I was thinking today about how long have I painted these tall white silhouette reindeer.  Hmmmm, probably about 20 years--I would guess.  They are so beautiful but I must admit--at times I really do feel the fatigue on my body as we are working to finish.  One is about 66"tall while the other one is 72" tall.  They are not very heavy but I do notice they seem to get heavier as the day wears on.  

The thing about creating is that there is usually a trade off.  While I love what I do, yes that is true--it does take quite a bit of energy to work outside all day carrying around yard art.  Since we are in Texas, the summers are really brutal.  When I look around at my finished product, that usually reminds me that the work really is worth it.