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Candle blank cut out ready to be painted by you!

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This candle is 30" tall x 7.5" wide.  This candle is made out of MDF and not meant to be displayed in the yard.  This is designed to be displayed on either side of the front door with no direct rain fall.You can purchase black chalkboard paint for areas to personalized.  You have the option to paint the design that etched on here OR you can turn the piece over and have a blank that you can create your own design. 

This is cut out of 1/2" Medium Density fiber board material.  The pattern is already etched onto the piece for you so all you need is your painting supplies.  

On the Candles Ms. Victoria used:

#4-Medium blue-3oz

#5-brilliant blue-3oz

#13-light yellow-3oz

#16-light orange-3oz

#17-shading orange-3oz


#25-light pink-3oz

#26-shading pink-3oz