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Lean To Vertical Porch Sign Blank with attachments

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This lean to vertical Welcome Porch Sign is two sided--Welcome on one side and Sunflowers on the other side.  It comes with 7 different attachments that measure about 7" tall each.  Fall Pumpkin, Valentine's Day Heart, Halloween Candy Corn, Christmas Santa Hat, Easter Egg, Star, and flower.  The attachments are out of MDF and are not recommended for direct rainfall.  We recommend that you use double sided velcro, double sided tape, or magnets to attach the different attachments.  We do not supply the velcro, double sided tape, or magnets.

This listing is for a blank that is ready to be painted by you.  The photo is just to show an example of how you might want to paint it.

You have the option to paint the design that etched on here OR you can turn the piece over and have a blank chicken that you can create your own design.

This is cut out of 1/2" Medium Density Overlay signboard material.  The pattern is already etched onto the piece for you so all you need is your painting supplies.  You will be able to display this after you finish painting it by using the metal stake provided as the photo illustrates. 

Paint list we used for the photo:

Welcome/Sunflower Porch Sign #4218:

#1-sky blue-3oz

#5-brilliant blue-3oz

#6-navy blue-1oz

#11-Christmas green-3oz

#12-dark green-1oz

#13-light yellow-3oz

#14-shading yellow 1oz

#16 light orange-3oz

#17-shading orange-1oz


#23-shading red-1oz

#34-shading brown-1oz

#32-reindeer brown-3oz



#36-Scarecrow white-3oz