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Large Flower Yard Art Blank

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This flower is 14" tall 14" wide.  

This listing is for a blank that is ready to be painted by you.  The photo is just to show an example of how you might want to paint it.

This is cut out of 1/2" Medium Density Overlay signboard material.  The pattern is already etched onto the piece for you so all you need is your painting supplies.  You will be able to display this after you finish painting it by attaching a metal stake to the back. 

The colors we used on these three flowers:

#4051 Large Flower

On the Yellow flower:        On the Orange flower:                      On the pink flower:

#13-light yellow-3oz                #16-light orange-3oz                 #13-light yellow-1oz

#14-shading yellow-1oz           #17-shading orange -1oz          #25-light pink-3oz

#19-red-orange-1oz                 #19-red-orange-1oz                  #26-shading pink-1oz            

#33-nutmeg -1oz                      #33-nutmeg-1oz                         #33-nutmeg-1oz

#35-white-3oz                           #35-white-3oz                            #35-white-3oz