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Seasonal Woodworks

Football Turkey DIY Blank

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This piece is 22.5"tall x 20" wide.  Bring your imagination to the table and create a bright and colorful eagle to display out in your yard.  This listing is for a blank to be painted by you. You have the option to paint the design that is etched on here OR you can turn the piece over and have a blank side that you can create your own design.

This is made out of medium density overlay material.  Comes with a steel rod for inserting piece into ground.

Tutorial September 10 in our Facebook Painters Club with Ashley.

Sample Color List:


  • #5 Brilliant Blue-3oz
  • #6 Navy Blue-1oz
  • #11 Christmas Green- 3oz
  • #12 Dark Green- 1oz
  • #13 Light Yellow- 1oz
  • #14 Shading Yellow- 1oz
  • #16 Light Orange- 1oz
  • #17 Shading Orange- 1oz
  • #20 Red-1oz
  • #23 Shading Red- 1oz
  • #32 Reindeer Brown- 3oz
  • #33 Nutmeg- 3oz
  • #34 Shading Brown- 1oz
  • #35 White- 3oz
  • #37 Black- 3 oz