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Cute Dairy Calf Yard Art ready to be painted

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This cute dairy calf yard art is 22" tall x 18" wide. This listing is for a blank to be painted by you. The photo of the piece is just an example of what you might want to do when you paint your own. You have the option to paint the design that etched on here OR you can turn the piece over and have a blank star that you can create your own design.


This is made out of medium density overlay material.  Comes with a steel rod for inserting piece into ground.

The colors we used for this photo:

  • #4473 Cute Dairy Calf:
  • #1 sky blue 3oz
  • #7 teal 3oz
  • #5 brilliant blue-3oz
  • #11 Christmas green-3oz
  • #12 dark green-1oz
  • #13 light yellow-3oz
  • #14 shading yellow-1oz
  • #25 light pink-3oz
  • #26 shading pink-1oz
  • #33 nutmeg-3oz
  • #35 white-3oz
  • #36 scarecrow white-3oz
  • #37-black-1oz