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Christmas Yard Art Small Lighted Santa with 49 Lights

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Christmas yard art. Christmas Santa Claus.

Printed Santa is 44” tall x 32” wide  ♥There are 49 C9 lights helping Santa attract the right kind of attention this holiday season. Assembly required.  See photos for explanation of how to insert the socket strand and how to attached the metal stakes provided.

Watch this video on the assemble instructions on how to install the green channel stakes and the lights on this Santa.

I think this will explain some things about the assembly —thank you so much!!

All hardware and stake (s) included.  Printed on a durable all-weather vinyl and applied to ½” MDO-medium density overlay substrate which is a sign board material. Top coated with glitter and two coats of polyurethane to create a bright and sparkling finish when lit up with a spot light at night. 

Material is 1/2" MDO-medium density overlay which is a signboard material.  This is not MDF -medium density fiberboard which is a fiberboard material and will fall apart when exposed to rain or moisture. 

♥ ♥ We are so in love with our 2021-yard art line, everything has been designed to be very beautiful day or night. ♥ ♥ 

Whether you are buying your first piece of holiday yard art or expanding your collection, you are sure to be delighted by Artist Mary Amick’s Christmas 2021 collection of beautiful and breath-taking yard art pieces that are second to absolutely none. Proudly hand - made in the USA in a little shop in Pearland, Texas, you will be proud to display these beautiful pieces that look great in the daytime or night.


For pieces that are lighted, lights and sockets are included as well as attached metal stakes that can be easily removed when storing after the season is over. If your light bulb goes out, you can easily replace them by visiting your local home improvement store and asking for the C-9 size bulb.


Care Instructions: 

All printed signs   are printed on all-weather, waterproof vinyl and is sealed with a coat of poly and glitter which protects it from elements. All painted signs are painted using exterior paint and are covered with a coat of poly to seal from the elements.  You will enjoy this piece for many seasons if you carefully follow these instructions. 

  1. Do not wrap in plastic during storing. Wrapping in plastic trap moisture and eventually warp the material. Feel free to use blankets or any soft material for storage.
  2. Store in a dry place and be careful to not let anything scrap the front of your pieces.