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Spring Inch Worm Sign BLANK DIY Painted by You!

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We cut blanks on demand if we are out of stock.  Please wait until we email you to let you know that your order is ready for pick up BEFORE you drive to the store to pick up your order.  Usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks to replenish stock and fulfill your order.

Spring Inch Worm Sign is 16" tall x 23" wide.

This listing is for a blank that is ready to be painted by you.  The photo is just to show an example of how you might want to paint it.


Watch our video on Painter's Club facebook page and follow each step for your project to look like this photo.

For the head on the worm, in the video version-I mixed  #15 coral and #14 shading yellow equal parts.  For the photo, I did the head a little different color--I did #15 coral and #17 shading orange equal parts.  For the antenna and the outline of the body, I mixed #11 Christmas green and #12 dark green equal parts.

These are the colors Mary uses on her project:

#4708-Inch Worm:

#9 mint green-3oz

#11 Christmas Green-3oz

#12 dark green-3oz

#12 shading yellow-1oz

#17 shading orange-1oz

#15 coral-3oz 


#37 black-1oz




Brand Attributes

In the late 1980s, We started making yard signs with hand tools as a hobby in our garage because we could not afford to purchase them. By the early 1990s, we were making for friends and relatives and then started selling by word of mouth. A few years later, Bruce was injured and went out on disability. During his recovery, (he is totally recovered now) the kids and I started working diligently and intentionally creating yard signs to sell and pay the bills. As the kids grew older, they became interested and our husband-and-wife hobby grew into a successful family affair.


    We guarantee you signs will arrive in great condition or we will make it right.


    We intentionally design our signs to hold up to harsh weather conditions like freezing temps, rain, snow, sleet, heat, and humidity.


    We have done all the work. You will never need to add any sealer or any kind-ever.

Great Reasons to buy your yard sign today!

10 Year Guarantee

We are so confident in our craftsmanship, we guarantee your signs to last 10 years or we will replace it.

Maintenance Free Forever

We have done all the work. You do not need to apply any sealer or top coat-ever.

Super Easy Display

Our signs come with a steel stake used for easy display in the yarrd.

Signs Endure All Weather Conditions

Intentionally designed to endure any and all weather conditions.