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Whimsical Stocking DIY Christmas Blank

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This Christmas blank is 22" tall x 18.3" wide and has steel rods to attach for outdoor display.

You have the option to paint the design that etched on here OR you can turn the piece over and have a blank that you can create your own design.

This is cut out of 1/2" Medium Density Overlay signboard material.  The pattern is already etched onto the piece for you so all you need is your painting and glittering supplies.  You will be able to display this after you finish painting it by using the metal stake provided as the photo illustrates. 

List of colors we used for the photo: 

#10 Lime Green- 1oz

#11 Christmas Green- 3oz

 #20 Red- 3oz

#35 White- 1oz

#37 Black-1oz